Wednesday, March 7, 2012


A moment presents itself each day in our house, never at a convenient moment, usually as I struggle to complete multiple tasks in a noisy space: my daughter brings me a knot to untie. At the sight of it I tense up. If only I could see it in that moment, instead of just in this one, as an invitation to give the tasks a rest, sit down, and savor the unworking of a knot. A knot can be so enjoyable, like a puzzle. Sometimes the puzzle is twelve knots all in a row. Sometimes it's one very tight knot that requires extra fine handwork or a makeshift tool. Sometimes knots can be fun, sometimes not. Either way they present an opportunity to pause and focus. Long live knots.


Anonymous said...

And if it were not for inconveniences there would be no need to imagine, invent, stop, turn around, or change direction and life would be stagnant, predictable and oh-so-lacking in creativity.

jenn merfee-t said...

I love to be interrupted by knots, more so than in my less patient days. Thank you for this reminder the focus on the delight in the moment of good messy tangle.